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Making music work for you

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Are you struggling to get work?

Are you singing the right songs at your gigs?

Could you be in need a of repertoire boost?

Want to stand out from other performers?

Struggling to find an image and good promo material?

Maybe you could do with an experienced set of ears and some constructive feedback?

RRR Can help you

  • Improve the quality of your live set & performance
  • Finding the right songs for you and your voice
  • Design your ‘image’ and portfolio
  • Discovering your target audience
  • Networking opportunities
  • Increasing your client base
  • Getting rebooked

What members say

I have made some great contacts though RRR and have heard some great music. At a recent event I also learnt about tumblcloud, which was awesome. I loved getting to meet with local artists and musicians I see on Facebook like Sally Salmon and The Estelles. I thoroughly enjoyed it and wish I could come to every one.

Tash Alladin


RRR is a really friendly and positive thing to happen in Portsmouth. Its Freelancer events have been a great chance to bring creatives together, to meet and network. The guest speakers have been useful, as they share their wealth of knowledge and experience. If you’re a creative looking to meet new folk, or learn more about the business, then get yourself along!

Robbie Dwyer

Educator in Music Production

We hired RRR to help us fine tune our close harmony trio. Amba is extra helpful and professional in everything she does and is always a pleasure to work with.

The Southsea Belles


So I have now attended 3 RRR events and simply can’t recommend them highly enough. I always thought because I didn’t cover original music, it really wasn’t beneficial. Each event I have attended I’ve come away with some amazing advice! Great advice about our social media content, which has helped us gain a lot more followers on Instagram and Facebook. I have got to network with some excellent musicians and people in the industry which has turned into getting more gigs.

Lisa Cooper-Leg

Singer, The Estelles

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